Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wipro Pays Equal to Testers and Developers

Software Development companies are in constant development of products with increased quality, the very foundation of which depends upon the quality of collaboration among the developers and the testers in the company. The interface of developers and testers team is immensely important for the quality products. Every single developer and tester carries the responsibility to bring out the effective and quality product.
An interview of CIOL with VP, Testing Services, Wipro, Arun K Singh, sheds some more light on this concept. As stated by him,” Owing to competitive business situations, the product quality bars are raised every year leading the IT companies to look out for further quality products. This situation is also driven by regulatory and compliance changes and the re-engineering of business processes. The maturity of IT companies is displayed in their Test Company’s maturity”.

He also spoke about the enterprise’s opinion on software testing and its adoption and the future of market for software testing.
CIOL: How do you perceive the adoption of your recently launched service, Testing by IT organizations?
Arun K Singh: Three chief IT events, at the broad level define the demand for software testing in the present market environment – Green Field Product Implementation, Platform Migration and Application Rationalization. Every single event of these three is budget-intensive in nature and also requires ample amount of time for testing, which are not in proportion to the current requirement of market viz. lesser time and cost structures.

TaaS or Testing as a Service is the offering created to suit the requirements of present market. Its key features are predictable, defined and repeatable test services. TaaS is the result of our expertise of testing industry, our domain knowledge and our capability to innovate. This testing service helps the clients to introduce noteworthy reduction in the resources, time and effort required to procure the testing services.

CIOL: A common quote, which is being heard from the majority of testers that 'Programmers are always paid more than the Software testers'. Please give you opinion on this?

AKS: Both Development and testing skills are considered equal at Wipro Technologies and the compensation structure is similar for these skills.

The roles in the testing project team have been de-layered in four major categories namely; Test Management, Testing Subject Matter Expert, Business Analyst/Quality Analyst (BA/QA) and Test Engineer.


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  2. That is good news for those who are in testing job.